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Rounds management

Property Management

With AVUX® property management, you create new, edit and archive your own properties. In the property list, you can easily see all properties and, for example, their maintenance areas.

In the property’s basic information, you can easily add and modify, for example, general information, address information, and property role information (maintenance man, cleaner, property manager, subcontractor).

Under the property, you can also manage the object’s billing information, buildings and spaces, store documents and pictures, set up consumption meters at the property and space level.

Move nofitications

In the AVUX® moving notifications section, you receive incoming or outgoing notifications via AVUX own form. The form is supposed to be attached to the customer’s website, where the resident can easily find it and fill it out. For example, you can influence the content of the form with your own acknowledgment text and whether you want to receive the consumption readings reported by the resident in connection with the notification. When the form is checked in the system, you just have to assign the notification to the right space. At the same time, you can move out old residents.

Maintenance Book

With AVUX® maintenance book, you set recurring work orders and preventive maintenance tasks for any of your properties. Whether it’s monthly lawn mowing or annual sprinkler and fire inspections, schedule everything in advance. With the maintenance book, you can create your own recurring maintenance plans for properties, spaces and equipment. If several properties have almost the same tasks, you can easily copy the maintenance book for several properties and create maintenance book templates.

Consumption Monitoring

AVUX® consumption monitoring tracks the heat, electricity and water consumption of the property and spaces and minimizes possible cost-related problems. The basis of energy management is continuous and goal-oriented consumption monitoring.

With AVUX® consumption monitoring alarm limits, changes are detected in time and it is possible to react to them quickly. Consumption monitoring information on energy and water consumption is always up-to-date and can be conveniently found in one place.

The system directly informs the selected user immediately if the new reading deviates from normal.

The feature works best using the Application to enter the readings and the browser version for reports and possible changes.

Assignment Management

With AVUX® assignment management, you can manage all the tasks of your maintenance contracts under one module. All the fault reports as well as maintenance book tasks will be found in the assignment management. You can easily edit to-do lists and search for information, e.g. by employee or by task.

You can add priority orders, products, images, files and much more to tasks. You can also communicate with the customer under this module.

Worktime monitoring

With AVUX® worktime monitoring, you track employees’ working hours, breaks, on-call duties and absences. With the worktime monitoring, you can also see the hours of “productive work”. Worktime reports can be scheduled directly into the payroll management.


With AVUX® publications, you can easily send reports to selected recipients. The function is intended to remove the step when someone wants a specific report, for example once a month. You only define the recipients, the report to be sent and the frequency, the system takes care of the rest.


With AVUX® invoicing, you can easily send all invoicable tasks to an external invoicing system. The system is integrated with the invoicing system, which receives the invoice rows and creates an invoice for the customer. Assembled invoices are possible to send from the AVUX system.


With AVUX® interface, you connect, for example, an external property manager system to the AVUX system. The function handles the import and export of tasks in such a way that the company does not have to separately handle tasks to many different systems, everything is handled neatly from one program.


With AVUX® rounds, you manage many objects with the same workorders. The purpose of the function is to ease the execution of many tasks, which is done in sequence, for example snow plowing, sandblasting, flagging and weekly garbage runs.