Property maintenance

The most advanced property management software on the market

AVUX® is a property management software developed with over 20 years of experience, in collaboration with our property management customers. With AVUX, you can easily gather the information and actions you need for your property and property maintenance in one place. Information is always easily accessible whether you are in the office or already on site.

The system includes all the features you need to increase the cost-effectiveness of your property maintenance.

  • Property maintenance work management
  • Time tracking
  • Communication
  • Invoicing
  • All in one comprehensive package!

AVUX property management system has over 20 000 daily users and over 150 companies as customers. Could you be the next in line?

What is AVUX?

AVUX is a software specifically developed for property management, seamlessly bringing together different property management information in one place. AVUX can be used in any way you want, either with a mobile phone app or directly in a web browser on the device of your choice.

Track working hours, keep track of property data, invoice, communicate with customers and employees, monitor consumption, send reports, add images and information to required jobs, organise jobs in different ways and many other features to make the everyday life of a property manager easier.

As technology evolves, we are also constantly developing our software based on feedback and requests.

Why choose AVUX??

AVUX is a modern, constantly evolving property management system, with which our customers have achieved an average 15-20% increase in efficiency and profitability since adopting the system.

No obscure maintenance books or paperwork, no extra manual steps. The whole company uses the same software, and information between different departments is always easily accessible in one place.

Ease of use – use the software on the device of your choice, wherever you are and there is no limit to the number of users.

We want to grow with you – our pricing is based on the number of properties.

We also offer ongoing customer service along with unlimited remote training for our customers.

Are you considering changing your property management software?

No worries! We offer a turnkey service where we transfer data from your old system directly into the AVUX software. We provide training in the use of our software and offer an unlimited number of remote training courses as required.

Throughout your entire relationship with us, we will ensure that you have all the tools you need for a more efficient and organised daily life.

Book a free demonstration time!

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